Sir Liselot - Terra Morfi [C-kasetti]

The peace-loving Morfi folk live in a huge forest and build large clay giants out of magical clay. When a giant is ready, it wakes up and takes off to help smaller creatures around the endless forest. The Morfi like to celebrate and parties are thrown often. The Morfi have two mouths and two noses. One mouth is for communication and the other for singing. Why two noses, nobody knows...

Terra Morfi is a soundtrack of the strange lives of these creatures. It is an album of psychedelic fairytale music, guaranteed to surprise and delight the listener.
Sir Liselot is an award-nominated songwriter and producer, also known as part of the groups Ghost World and Kippo. "Terra Morfi" is her first instrumental album.

  1. Terra Morfi
  2. Collecting Stones For Giant's Skeleton
  3. Elderly Morfi Memories
  4. Shy Morfi Performing For The 1st Time
  5. Silence While Mining
  6. Morfi's Dreams of Peace and War
  7. Dangers of The Magical Clay
  8. Broken Pickaxe
  9. Clay Giant's First Steps
  10. Giant Offering Shelter For Chicken
  11. Morfi Parade

2023 Brownhill Mafia, Tobold Piipari Records, Topaasi Tapes and Artsy Records

9,00 €